Feb 22, 2006

Doctor Day

Today was a very sad day for the Zac Corley family. Brayden had his first immunizations - 3 shots to the little thighs! It was terrible. First he was all happy looking at the bright bird wallpaper, and the next thing he knew nurses were pinning him down, needles in hand. I don't think I've ever heard him scream that loud, I was in tears and after the nurses left I noticed Zac was teary eyed as well. And as for little Brady, he was wailing like a banche(sp?) Anyways, he's okay now. I have him taking baby Tylenol and we sat outside on our porch swing for awhile. Oh - I forgot to tell everyone that this couple from our church gave us a porch swing. Zac installed it this morning with his new tool "The Stud Finder" courtesy of my mom and dad.

1 comment:

aubrey payne said...

poor little guy! he looks like he's asking you why those ladies in the funny outfits poked him w/ long sharp things.

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