Feb 10, 2006

Duck Tales

Last night it was pretty cold so I put Brayden's little duck outfit on him, including hat and socks! We don't take him out in public like this though because Zac thinks that yellow is a little too girly for his boy. Brady sure was soft and cuddly though.
Oh- the other pic is me with my new glasses. My eyes have been bothering me lately so I got them checked out and found out that I still need reading glasses - I had them when I was in grade school and stopped wearing them in highschool just because. Anyways, the doctor said that the reason why my eyes were hurting so bad is because when you are going through a tiring time in your life and you have weak eyes, it makes them even weaker. Because I'm far sighted my eyes have to work two time harder to read things close up. Sorry about the red eyes in the picture, I look like some type of intellectual demon.

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Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Very very cute - I remember being annoyed when people would look at my new baby and say "I just can't even remember my baby being that small" - but now I know it is true, and I know I am not prepared at all (yet) for a tiny one! At least I have 3 more months to prepare! It looks like you guys have a nice comfy place!

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