Feb 13, 2006

Opryland Hotel

We went to Nashville to pick up my dear ol' chum Aubrey Leigh. While there Zac had the splendid idea of us visiting the Opryland Hotel. It was SOOO gorgeous. It was super warm in there and it had tons of tropical type plants.
There were tons of fountains and waterfalls to be seen. We stayed there for 3 hours walking around the different lobbies and drinking coffee and such. I had something called a Honey Nut Latte - my new beverage of choice.


Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Did Brayden take that picture of you two? :)

Wing-OHHHH! said...

Joel looked at your blog with me yesterday and said, "wow, that baby looks just like Zac." It was kinda funny to hear him say that, since he usually doesn't say ANYTHING about any baby.

He's getting so big already! I can't believe it! Did you find a formula he likes?

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