Mar 7, 2006

Brady's room

Here is a picture of Brady's room..sorry about the messiness!
Here he is involved in his NEWEST activity "mobile gazing." I went into a consignment shop yesterday to find a mobil and in the dark recesses(sp?) of the store I found one with a Noah's Ark theme!
Ah...the infamous diaper changing table. These baskets from the Tarahumara women in the mountains have come in SUPER handy. The shelf was made by my friend Lori Bower...a very nice baby gift!
Here is a cross stitch my mom made for Brady's room. I love it. Oh..the little fire truck and the wooden "B" are little figurines I found in the Wal Mart craft section that I painted while waiting to go to the hospital to be induced.


aubrey payne said...

jordan and autumn love brady's chubby cheeks...jorndan called him Mr. Chipmunk :)

Wing-OHHHH! said...

You guys have such a great little house! I especially love all the flooring!

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