Apr 9, 2006

Duck "Tails"

I know I've already made a post long ago about these little pants, but I couldn't think up another name for it...so duck tales it is! Anyways, how about his little dorky outfit?! It's cold so we don't much care for how we look...just concerned with being warm on this fine Sunday.

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Cari said...

I finally did it! I created an account to learn and acquire this new skill of blogging. I most likely will never acquire the skill of texting, so as to not completely remain in the technological dark ages I better learn to blog!

So after viewing the latest pictures, I have decided that the third picture in the Duck Tails trilogy, is probably Brady's feelings about you posting pictures of his heiny with a duck on it!:) Please tell him that Aunt Cari feels for him! Oh, give the cutie a hug and kiss for me too!

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