Aug 7, 2006


Okay, so I thought that my last blog would be it until I got home on the 15th. Well, Brady changed my mind. It happened AGAIN...but this time to the other side of his face. I was rummaging through my purse for just a second and BAM....the chair fell on him again!!! Stupid chair...I really don't know what to do about it.
I can't find a gate that is big enough to fit in the living room entry way, I set up all this stuff so he couldn't get around it...he can. So, the other bruise under his eye was almost completely gone, and now we are starting afresh.
Anyways, poor little dude.

1 comment:

MOM said...

I forsee some different chairs in the Corley dining room...and like real soon after reading your opinion of the "stupid chair"...besides, I don't know if you can live through many more of those bruised eyes. I can tell it makes you really sad when stuff like that happens.

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