Aug 24, 2006

Our trip

Here's a pic I took when we got back home from Colorado. Brayden was a little confused as to why his environment kept changing so much.
Here we are in was only 62 degrees up there!!! Oh my gosh it felt wonderful. We had a good time up there...went to a pasta place and then had Starbucks...just sat and watched hummingbirds. There was this man from the south behind us in the park that was talking really loud on the phone saying(with of course his accent)" is just wonderful up here...just wonderful."

Here's some family pics of us taken at the zoo.

1 comment:

aubrey payne said...

well, ya'll it really does look just wonderful up there...hehe
glad to be back in the normal realm of things...i'll drop you an e-mail...but no house phone yet...BUMMER!

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