Aug 18, 2006

Still Not Working...I'm Bummed

Well, I don't know why I can't get my pictures on here. I've tried everything. I tried posting pictures that I have already posted before so I know that it doesn't have to do with the size of my pics. I tried posting on my xanga site and it did great. So...I'm at a loss. Everytime the screen that says "Your images have been uploaded to your site" I press Done like takes me back to the create screen and there is nothing there. At the bottom of my screen it says "Error on Page." So, if anyone has a clue what I should do please let me know. If blogging days could be over for a time.


aubrey payne said...

despite not having any recent pictures...i haveenjoyed the old ones...i hope brady's little face heals well!

Jeff Roberts said...

I doubt it will give you a lot more information, but if there's a yellow icon (I think it looks like a yield sign) near the error message, try to double-click it and something should pop up with more error details.

You could try changing the filenames so that they don't have any dots or spaces in their names.

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