Nov 27, 2006

Another Door Shut

The Before and After....lovely...just lovely. Good work baby!


aubrey payne said...

oh alyssa! its beautiful...i always thought that a red door was super inviting...and gorgeous.
great job, guys!

kate said...

that really is beautiful!
my door is red also! we're red door friends.
my door, however, does not have the super cool glass inset.
did you know the tradition for churches is to have red doors? it symbolizes, 'all debts paid here', or something like that...
i worked on you and zac's christmas present this weekend! i think you're going to like it :-)
can't wait to see you all!

Wing-OHHHH! said...

Fantastic. If we ever live where there is no homeowners association to tell you what colors you can paint your door, I will paint my door red too. :)

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