Dec 4, 2006

Baby Boy and Me

Today was SOOOO cold. I think it's finally feeling like Christmas around's LOOKING like Christmas since everyone has their trees all decorated and lights on their porches. I think that some of the lights were probably there all year long.....
Interesting fact about the top picture....I've never been much of a dress person, but for the last two months I actually put on a skirt about once a week and I'm surprised at how COMFORTABLE they actually are. The definitely make me feel more "housewifesh."(sp?)
I discovered our Kodak Gallery thing that came with our camera. I didn't know I could edit my pictures and stuff! I was super excited...I like the way that I could adjust the colors. It's neat how our sweaters look like they could be soft velvet or something and they were actually just cotton. :)'s another one I edited...I love black and white pictures so much. The ones of me and Brady were all from this morning and the one of Zac and the baby are from 2 months ago.


aubrey payne said...

beautimus...i lvoe the color of your sweaters...and black and whites are ALWAYS cool.
by the way, theres more "posts from the past" to get ready!

kate said...

that red is so incredibly beautiful!
you must wear red every day, henceforth and forthwith.
i also have discovered the joys of skirts, but alas, winter is here, and i have no winter-skirt footwear, so it's back to pants for me.
but especially at school, it's the perfect item to feel like a teacher but still more comfortable than anything else!

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