Dec 14, 2006

Getting Into Mischief

If I could describe the stage that Brayden is in, my title pretty much sums it up. He's all little boy and he's trying everything from climbing up on chairs, balancing on one foot, pitching fits, eating dirt, ect. For the most's fun.

This would be a "no touch." Brayden doesn't really care. I try to make him care but sometimes I feel like my ways aren't as effective as I thought they'd be. :)
Here Brady is tasting the office chair while Zac types away at the computer.

And the last one just to top off my "mischievous little boy" post. He's so much fun. THis afternoon I was planting a tree in the yard and he was out there playing with sticks and running all around the yard swallowing dirt and other such nonsense. I just can't believe that the teeny little baby I brought home last year is old enough to enjoy kiwis, eat dirt of his own accord, drink from a sippy cup, and WANT me when I leave.


aubrey payne said...

he'll be one in a few days...such a big boy...its hard to believe!
oh and by the way...we must be phycologically connected...'cause a few days after you mentioned the gray hair i found one on my head...ugh!

Josh and Rachel Roberts said...

I am as proud as an uncle can be. He is a real and Zac are doing awesome! I can see such a sweet little spirit in him. Can't wait for him to see his cousins again.

CorleyAunt said...

He may be rascally but when you look at those big blues, you can't resist his charm!

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