Jan 17, 2007

At The Zoo

All the years Zac and I spent going to El Paso and we had never visited the zoo there! It was a nice place...not huge like the Denver zoo or the one I went to in Ontario, but I actually think that it's better when it's small. That way....you can spend 2 hours there and see everything!
Brady loved watching the animals....he was very observant. It kind of surprised me how well he could spot the animals.

We forgot our little backpack thing to carry him in but he's much more content riding on daddy's shoulders. :)

Here's Gran Jan and Grampy making Brady giggle. Like Dad says "You've never seen people make such idiots of themselves until there's a baby around." It really is funny to see people make faces and do all this stuff just to get a baby to look or smile.

I think all of our favorite part was the sea lions. We got to watch them eat and do tricks so that was fun. Oh...the best part is that the zoo is only 5 bucks to get in.

These aren't zoo pictures put I wanted to throw them in because I thought they were cute.


aubrey payne said...

i'm so pleased you had a good time...i super love the pic of brady watching the sea lions...i love all of them...but that one has something cool about it.

MOM said...

I love the way he is taken by lights- I haven't been abe to not think of him with every cool light I see on this trip -or think 'this' with a pointing finger.

micahandlesleybloggers said...

The picture of brady looking at the sealions is amazing... it turned out so well... but it looks like you guys had alot of fun... it's so cool mom and dad got to see all their kids in such a small period of time. too bad in wasn't with everyone together

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