Feb 23, 2007


Yesterday was this super beautiful day...I got to go for a walk in the woods, I ate super healthily, I was able to spend time with my fellas.....overall a very good day.
Today however my friend called me at 9 am to say that she had the stomach flu. Her 6 month baby also was sick and so after saying to her "let me know if there is anything I can do" I realized that she would never actually say "come take care of us." So, I called her back and let her know I was on my way. A 45 minute drive later, I found Emily super sick, almost unable to get out of bed. Little Isabelle was happy and alert but was sick to her belly and stuff. Anyways, after 4 hours of making chicken soup, disenfecting her house, changing a diaper that looked...I just can't go there in my mind....I decided that this stomach flu needs to stop!!!! SOMEONE has to do something because I'm sick of the sickness. Have you ever tried to clean a round slippery baby when she has, what should be in her diaper, all over her back...on her arms, on the floor.....oh my gosh. It's one thing to be sick, but to be sick and have a baby this absolutely dependent on you is another thing.
So on my way home I was excited that the sadness was over. I was only ten minutes from my house when I say this adorable little yellow fluffy puppy running towards the road, so excited to be free. His tail was wagging, his little tongue flopping in the wind...headed right towards the rode. "Stop!!!!!!!!!" I scream to the car in front of me!!!! But no...the horror of seeing that poor little dude crash into the car and then roll under the vehicle...just to lay their lifeless. I cried all the way home. Death is so sad....ecspecially when it happens to something so innocent.
Oh...and to make matters worse, I've probably eaten about a pound of cookie dough.


aubrey payne said...

oh dearest, i'm sorry your lovely sunny day was darkened so. i can sorta understand what cleaning that poor wee babe...one of my student's parents gave her laxitives before she came to school this morning...accidents galore.
hope tommorrow is a better day, filled with happy things...gardens, coffee, healthiness, sweet-smelling babies and sunshine. :)

TechnoMissionary(Andy) said...

"There is no feeling, except the extremes of fear and grief, that does not find relief in music." - T.S. Eliot (1888-1965)

... and while I don't usually do cookie dough, my downfall is all the dark (usually Dove) chocolate that we keep around the house for sanity's sake. :)

Sorry you had a tough day.

Zhenya & Danyelle said...

Yeah, I'd say the day did end kind of 'Blah.' I know I would have cried as well... Cheer yourself up by knowing you helped a friend in desperate need.

MOM said...

How sad! I hope Emily is better and that cute little one of hers does not hang on to that virus much longer...it could be the death of all of you. I appreciate your compassionate heart...what a friend.

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