Mar 14, 2007

Little Coach

The weather has been so nice that Brady and I have been joining Zac when he goes to coach.
Brayden's most favorite thing to do is scavenging the U11's backpacks. He literally goes around and peeks inside each bag, discovering nasty cleats, old water bottles, ect.

Here he is with his find of the day - Gatorade! Unfortunately for him, I don't let him actually drink it (high fructose corn syrup - check the label.) All of Zac's little team is so nice to Brady though. He waits for them on the line so when they are done doing there ladders he gives them all high fives, claps his hands, runs around in crazy circles laughing his head off. Quite the character.


MOM said...

It does look like spring has sprung over there...and I wonder where Brayden gets his real nosey side from, Mommy???

Cari said...

We miss the little quy around here! (You and Zac too!) Give him hugs and kisses from Aunt Cari. Mom says that he is hysterical. I can't wait till the next time we get to hang out and have a cup of coffee!

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