Apr 12, 2007

Florida Pictures

Well, we're back...earlier in the day then what we expected. Brayden didn't sleep that well while we were there so when he woke us up at 4:45 yesterday morning we just left. :) The picture up above is of my grandma Toole (my mom's mother.) We stayed at her house almost the whole time and Brayden got to play with her dog Katie. It's special having pictures of him with his great grandma, she'll be 70 this summer.

One afternoon we drove to Blounstown to visit my Grandma Grace and Papa John. I don't know if this little car thing is a golf cart or what...anyways, grandpa is VERY proud of it and painted it all up and carpeted the inside.:)

Zac did have fun....regardless of the expression on his face.

My Granny Windham (well, my great grandma) cooked the entire time. She made me my sugar free apple pie that I love and baked a ham for Easter.

Brayden discover sand....and oh my gosh he LOVED it. So, now we're probably going to build him a sand box or something in our back yard. See, one of my grandmas lives at the end of the road and the other one towards the middle, the whole road is sand. So if we wanted to walk at all he didn't want us to carry him ... just wanted to fill his hair, pants, shoes with sand. I was glad though that there was something entertaining for him to do since we didn't get out much. The weather was pretty cold while we were there so a lot of the things we had planned to do with him got canceled.

And here he is with his great grandma Grace (my dad's mother.) He actually was happy this day but we couldn't get him to smile in the picture. He was so interested in chasing the cat and taking the magnets of the refrigerator it was hard getting a good picture of him with anyone. Anyways, there you have it...our vacation in a blog - grandma's and more grandma's. It was fun but we're glad to be home even though we came back to freezing temperatures. My tomatoes bit the dust while we were gone, my first garden loss. Durn weather.


kate said...

he sure does seem to love that sand -- i bet he would love a good beach.
i'm glad you made it back safe and sound with lots of grandma pictures. i'm sure they loved brady as much as his aunt does. he's getting so much hair! don't let him grow up too much til i can see him again!
well, do your best anyway.

Zhenya, Danyelle & Jaida said...

Seems Brayden enjoyed himself despite the colder weather. Isn't it wonderful how a pile of sand can entertain a kid for hours.

Kaira said...

Hi Alyssa,
I hopped on over from WTM and I love your blog! I use the same template for our family blog - good taste :) Well, tons of congratulations on the new baby you are growing. Hope you are feeling well and getting enough sleep. Your little Brayden sure is a cutie.


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