Apr 25, 2007

More Park Pictures

For all of you who read my past post about Brayden's fear of swings...we found a kind he likes!!! I was thrilled about this....for some reason it was really bothering me that my little dare devil was ACTUALLY scared of something!

Brayden always has the most determined look on his face all the time...I rather love it. He's as stubborn as the come, and I've decided that even though that personality brings me MANY challenges...I'm glad he's like that. Hopefully he'll be a man that really knows what he wants and goes after it. Maybe he'll have convictions and he won't let them slip....maybe he'll give me a nice retirement some day. I have a lot of things I want for Brayden, but most of all I want him to be a man of God. A gentlemen that loves the Lord with all his heart and delights in following Him. It's such a huge responsibility being a parent because in order for Brayden to want those things he has to see ME want those things.
Isn't this the most halarious little smushed up face you ever saw?!


Zhenya, Danyelle & Jaida said...

I know what you mean by the feeling of responsibility to model the godly character you hope to see in your children. It's easy to think that right now it doesn't matter b/c they are so young, but they are smart cookies and they catch on to these things.

MOM said...

He is so cute! I love determined little boys, too. Most do grow up to be good leaders for their family...when the Lord is able to guide them. HE is faithful and is great at changing hearts!I don't know any other who can.

aubrey payne said...

yeah, for un-scary swings.... :)

just want to say that i love you guys and re prayig that the Lord give you grace and wisdom in raising this child into a "man 'o God"

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