Apr 20, 2007

So long for the weekend

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and flowers. We are going to Nashville for a soccer tournament so we'll be busy but will also have time for fun. Oh....not my ghostlyness(sp?) in this picture. I have a real problem looking "out of this world" when light hits my skin just right. Ah, the plague of fair skin....actually not even "fair." Just plain white. :)


kate said...

but it sure looks good with that color of red! not everyone can pull off red, you know, so you're lucky you're so fair :-)

i was just lamenting my own fairness when compared to nick's nonfairness and he said he wouldn't have me any other way, that i look pretty with fair skin. and you know, i think i agree. it's like the fair maidens of yore -- it makes me think of pretty delicate femininity.

have fun at the tournament! don't get burned!

Zhenya, Danyelle & Jaida said...

Well, I'd like to say instead of looking out of this world, you look like an angel surrounded by light!

aubrey payne said...

well my friend, i too think that your otherworldliness is quite beautiful and feminie...since of course i suffer from the same malady of ghostly whitness.
it so cool to see brady with his grandma and great-grandmas...i remember looking at picture of you with them when we were little...i reminds me of how you used to be called onion head...anyway...i love that brady is growing so well and looking like such a handsome young man. loves yous all very much

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