May 2, 2007

BabyMoon - Day One

Our trip to St. Augustine was so much fun that the morning we woke up to leave we looked at eachother and said "Do you wanna just stay here?" The road trip down was rather hot....our air conditioning blew out!!! But, with the windows down it wasn't so bad, we just drank like camels.

Our first evening there we went to a super cute restaurant called the Saltwater Cowboys. Their seafood was to DIE for. However, in my post before leaving I said it would be fun it just being the two of us, the Ashley commented how it wasn't the two of us with a baby in my belly. Well, she was right. I felt VERY pregnant the whole time. I could only eat a quarter of anything I was served the entire trip, and my stomach on the second morning was like protruding out. Anhoo...the restaurant was located in a marsh and was decorated inside to look like a house from the 1920's or something.

Me with the best smellin' flowers ever....

Zac taking in the view.....

THE VIEW. Isn't that so pretty?

When we got back to our hotel after dinner we went to the beach and took a long stroll. It's funny how you start walking and you just don't stop, and then when you are ready to go back you have to walk the same distance before you get to your starting point.

I wasn't suppose to post this picture until day two but I accidently clicked on it. This is the next morning when we went to collect shells.

The beautiful sun.

My lover, looking very serene.:)


kate said...

so beautiful!!
i'm so happy for you to have the r & r! last time i was in st. augustine was with zac & mom & dad, but that was about 15 years ago and i don't remember it being quite as lovely. i do remember that fort though -- i wasn't as into the history as dad & zac either.
especially the gory ideas that go along with the history.
i love the blue dress! it accentuates your cute little belly, even though it's not much of anything quite yet :-)
very soon, there will be big belly.
i can't wait!

Zhenya, Danyelle & Jaida said...

I am so jealous (in a good Christian way) of your lovely vacation. The dress you are wearing is super stylish and cute, though it does make you look more pregnant than you are. In other pictures you're not even showing!

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