May 20, 2007


We were able to go on a family hike together a couple of days ago - very GOOD exercise. The trail was straight up for 45 minutes and believe me...I was feelin' the baby belly.

Brayden laughed the whole way up. One of our friends gave us the little backpack dilly wo he had the best seat in the house. It was fun...unfortunately we all have colds now and haven't been able to be consistent with going on walks and stuff. We were trying to go everyday, but now it's been three days and we're all still all congested and Brayden is SOOOO grumpy.
Ooooh, I felt the baby kick last week and now I feel it almost once a day at least. We get to found out the sex on the 29th.


MOM said...

I love the color blue on all of you is such a soothing and yet cheerful color.
Brady Biy does look content there on Daddy's back.

Zhenya, Danyelle & Jaida said...

I hope you'll share with all us faithful viewers (fans) your baby's sex. I'm almost as excited for you as I was for myself. =)Post belly pictures as well. I can't believe you're finding out the sex at less than 16 weeks. I had to wait until I was 20 weeks.

Alyssa said...

I'll be 18.5 weeks when I find out. This friday I'm 18 weeks. :)Time goes by fast huh?

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