Jun 17, 2007

I had to upload this one really big so yall could get the full effect of Brady's face right up to the camera. I can't seem to get a good picture of him lately because he never stands still, he always runs right up to the camera and tries to check it out before you can snap a shot.


JLW said...

He is so funny! I like the new car, and all the new posts! I got your e-mail, sorry I haven't replied yet, we've been so crazy busy! Anyway - I made the tutu, it was super cheap. I tried to find one to buy, and I even looked on e-bay, but they were a rip off. Okay - I'll get on my e-mail and write you now. :)

kate said...

this face reminds me of a goldfish for some reason -- and ULTRA swanky car!!! i'm extremely impressed! it's just going to be such a breeze to get around places now! you should just pick up and drive over to missouri with that puppy.
oh, and also with brady and your blooming belly during which time you would tell me the girly name you've chosen, even though you're keeping it a secret.
my mother didn't even crack! i think she liked knowing something i don't :-)

speaking of names, there's four tiny new kittens at my house!! and i love the names we decided on -- the twin yellow/white ones are malcolm & milo, the yellow/white/black one is asia, and the black/white one is ransom. nick named him -- he's his favorite. my favorite's asia, i think i'll keep her.
if i can ever catch up on posting, i'll get around to putting pictures of them on my blog :-)
i'm a little behind, in case you haven't noticed!

give brady shmooches from me!

aubrey payne said...

i'm stealing this pic and putting it on my wall...def!

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