Jun 14, 2007


Poor Zac. Last Saturday he was on a 24 hour shift, he got home Sunday morning and we went straight to church in our car (remember....no air conditioner.) We had a pot luck after church and then on the way home it was SO hot that Brady was squirming and whining in the back seat, his face bright red...I think he thought that we were purposely torturing him. We pulled into our driveway at about 3:30 pm and there was water coming up out of the ground. TO make a long story short, Zac worked on it until about night time, digging and laying in the mud, trying to repair the pipe. Well, it didn't get fixed and he had a double shift on Monday (meaning he left at 7 am Monday morning and he didn't get to come home until Wednesday at 8 am.) I filled up a couple of buckets and did fine for one day, but then the next day I stayed with his parents. It's very hard not having running water...funny how we take water for granted when it's such a HUGE part of our lives.

So now this morning Zac and his dad are working on repairing the pipe. Hopefully we'll have water soon! He would have worked on it all yesterday but we were riding around all day looking for a new car WITH air conditioning.....more on that later!


MOM said...

WOW! Life can be fun, eh? You guys have had some real learning experiences lately...aren't you glad you never go through them alone being one of God's children.
I really want to see that new vehicle...it sounds great.
God is good all the time!!

The Toplov Trio said...

Quite honestly Zac looks like he is campaigning for a model ad. Now a days the more dirty and rugged, the better. I remember one break in Durango we were without hot water for like a week. It was winter and it would have taken too long to boil enough hot water to have a decent shower. Yuck!

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