Jul 6, 2007

Great Finds

Here is on of my salvation army finds....it's a Vera Bradley. I have it posted on e bay because I decided that if I did sell it on there I would make a huge profit seeing how I got it for 99 cents. I didn't even realize that they are worth 60 -80 bucks. Just craziness.
Brady finally has a toddler bed! Zac and I went to the local kids consignment shop to drop off an old stroller yesterday. Anyways, I find out that it isn't an actual consignment shop - meaning she pays you up front for things you leave. I noticed a toddler bed in the back and I asked about it....anyways, after my stroller trade in it wound up costing us 15 bucks out of pocket....including the new mattress!!!! Yesterday was a great day - oh, and the quilt my mom made Brady fits on it perfectly.


kate said...

it's so adorable and the perfect style for brady's room! those white plastic toddler beds are so ugly.
i love it.
and you'll be having toddlers around for a while so it'll get some good use!


The Toplov Trio said...

I love the quilt your mom made for Brayden. Wow, what a steal deal you got on the toddler bed for Brayden.

Kaira said...

cute bed - isn't it great when you get a good find! I don't know who Vera Bradley is but I think it is a cute purse - hope you get lots for it :)

JLW said...

VERA BRADLEY! YES! I've never been a fan of her stuff, but she is def HOT and famous and hopefully you'll get some money for that thing!

I've been doing lots of thrift shopping too. It's my favorite pastime. This week I got about $200+ worth of kids clothes for about $30! I'm actually thinking of selling some of them on e-bay too since they are worth so much! :)

P.S. I lost your address, can you send it to me again?

Kaira said...


I was so thinking of you yesterday when I came home from a yard sale with an entire set of World Book Encyclopedias with additional reference books and everything for $3. Yippee - they are beautiful. Hope you got lots of cash for your purse... I'd love a Vera Bradley.

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