Jul 24, 2007

Things From Today

Wow...I actually took my camera out today! I think it has been since our trip to the zoo that I've taken any pictures of Brayden. He and I have spent the whole day at home (except for a trip to Wal Mart to pick up trash bags and a glue stick) so we've been trying to stay busy. We just went out and played and let me tell ya....it was SOOOO hot. We had fun though running around the house (literally AROUND) and then playing with his soccer ball. If you're wondering why my child was in the front yard in only his underwear - potty training still.
This is my perfect rose. I bought a rose bush at Wal Mart a couple of weeks ago because it was on sale and dead...funny reason to buy something I know. But, I wanted to see if I could revive it. If all I ever get is this one bloom I'll be eternally happy for I finally didn't kill a plant as soon as putting it in the ground.

Little Cutie pants.

My apple crisp/bars. It's some kind of oatmeal thingy with an apple filling (real apples with cinnamon) and then supposedly you can cut it into bars. I've been trying to cook on the days that Zac's at work that way we won't buy food while we're out....I'll have stuff ready to pack.

And my wonderful clothesline that my talented hubby put up for me yesterday. Can't let all that sunshine go to waste now can we?


MOM said...

What a fun day it was! It looks so nice and green over your way. The heat should let up soon and you'll love the beautiful colors that come about.

Grammy said...

Good job, Little One (as Kate says. I'm looking forward to the next installment!

Love you and miss you!

Momma C

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