Sep 23, 2007

23 on the 23rd = Spoiled Rotten

Yes siree, today is indeed my 23rd birthday and I have felt overwhelmingly loved this year. To start off, my friend Emily took me for a pregnancy massage and pedicure a couple weeks of the BEST experiences of my life...right up there with getting married and having a baby. THen, my grandma sent me these fantastic earrings that she handmade! I love them so much and have been wearing them for 3 days straight.

Josh and Rachel sent me this awesome Pampered Chef bakeware. I've been wanting one of these dishes forever so now I'm just waiting and envisioning my Sweet Potatoe Casserole being pulled out of the oven at Thanksgiving. My parents got me the complete Christy series on DVD - wonderful for late night feedings in the nights to come. Thanks mom and dad

Kate sent me this lovely scarf/shawl which I adore. Kate, I took this "sultry" picture just for you.

And last but not least, the love of my life knew that I had been desiring for some time to pick up some new hobby, or to learn to play an instrument. When we were in North Carolina months back I saw a dulcimer at a Farmer's Market and loved it! What's more is the man demonstrated to me how to play little tunes and such and ever since I have been seeing myself as a Applachian Mountains woman, strumming sweet tunes to my family ( laugh out loud.) And so, with all that said, Zac made my dream come true last night and presented me with this gorgeous dulcimer.


The Toplov Trio said...

Alyssa, Happy 23rd!! Wow, two kids at 23 and I barely just had one at 25! Yes, indeed you were spoiled with great presents by wonderful friends and family. You continue to look very well (no bags under your eyes). =)

I'm thinking next time around I'd really like a pregnancy massage right around 8-10 months.

Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Awesome! Hey, that shawl will be good for nursing in style. And Zac is cool for getting you the dulcimer.

kate said...

and what a sultry picture, indeed!

that's probably the best-sounding booty i could have imagined for you! and no, not bootylicious, but pirate booty.

i'm glad it was such a great day for you. can't wait to hear your tunes. hopefully they will sound like the blind lady's songs on christy. that was always my favorite character. i loved her voice and those songs combined.

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