Sep 10, 2007

Me and My Friend

Blurry - sorry about that. Anyways, Brady and I have been getting along just "swimmingly." Today was the first day of my fall Bible study and it was so nice meeting with other moms again. Brayden was in childcare while I was there but I think I'm going to try and leave him at home or with his Grammy from now on. It just gets too long and I like him to be with other kids but I don't like 3 year olds to be hitting my child and I can't be there to make sure it doesn't happen - or to make sure Brady doesn't hit them back.
I can't believe he will be 20 months this month - or is it 21 months? I never can remember anymore. He's getting so big and he's learning so much. Yesterday we went with Zac while he coached a soccer game and the time was just so nice because Brady and I got to play in the shade and he was such a delight. At my Bible Study there was a little 6 month old boy named Avery and it just made me a teeny bit sad that I no longer have a baby boy. Of course, we are getting a baby girl, and I will love her TONS, but there is just something about those boy babies. I hope I get to have another one someday.

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