Oct 4, 2007


Imagine sleeping under a pair of flannel pajamas (BIG pajamas) every night. Sooo super cozy. Well, these blankets that Mama C makes are the comfiest coziest blankets ever to be had and she finished this one for Baby Girl long ago...I just have been lazy in my posting about it. Brady has one too that is super boyish with lots of greens and blues and some camo flannel. Zac and I occasionally steal these blankets away from the kid's room so we can use them on the couch during movies and such. Fun!
And here is Brady with his new hat that Grammy knitted him.... her first attempt and it came out just peachy. Doesn't it look so goregous with his eyes.

And, the dear Mother in Love has just showered us in tons and tons of baby clothes. I have so many cute things I can't wait to post pictures of Baby Girl in them!!!! Oh my goodness I'm getting so super excited.

And last but not least - me with my birthday present for the Corley's. I got this gorgeous jar filled with biscotti's ....very exciting for my traditional self seeing how "tea weather " has begun and one always needs a cookie of some sort to go with hot tea. I like the fact I can use the container as a cookie jar later since I've been having to store my cookies in tupperware which just isn't as homey. So, in the end what I wanted to express with this blog is that Mama C has been making me feel very loved lately with all of these little homemade tokens...and some not homemade. Plus getting freshly baked bread almost weekly is wonderful and a HUGE treat since my bread maker bread just isn't the same. I feel very blessed and loved....thanks.


Grammy said...

You Sweet Thing!! I'm so happy you're happy! I just love to do things for y'all cause I LOVE you T-O-N-S!!

The Toplov Trio said...

I still get so excited to dress Jaida up sometimes with all the clothes she has been given.

What a blessing it is to have such generous in laws.

Kaira said...

I LOVE the blanket and now I'm inspired to make a similar one for my little loves. I love how you keep up on your blog - this morning I just realized I missed blogging 2 of our summer camping trips. I'm always a little behind :(

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