Oct 22, 2007

Update on the Fam

Here's a little update....lately I haven't had much to post about! I think the reason my blogging has come to kind of a boring blunder is because I'm not very active right now and it's VERY hard to get a good picture of Brayden since he's on the move constantly!
Anyways, Zac has been working a double shift and will finally be home in the morning. He's been gone for 48 hours so I'm pretty worn out - thankfully though my Mama and Papa C took Brady today for a little while so I could lounge. I'm looking forward to having my Zac around tomorrow. I think we get to just have a nice family day since nothing is on the calender. He took his first EMT test last week and got a 96% so I was VERY excited. I love me some hard workin' men. :)
My spine is killing me because this child always stays on my right side at night where it looks like I have an 8 lb tumor or something just on that side and then my other side is all flat and warped. Looks very strange. Her feet are in my lungs - besides that I feel great and have only been slightly ill one day this whole pregnancy. A girl can't complaining....my mom says I was made for having babies. I'm not sure if that's good or bad - for now it's good.
Brayden is Brayden and the joy of our lives. That's all I have to say about that.


The Toplov Trio said...

Actually, the fact that baby girl is putting all her weight on the right side sounds very painful. I bet you are anxiously counting down the days; less than a week. I am sure it must be very nice to have Zac around as it gives you a bit of a break from chasing Brayden to and fro.

If your baby is almost 8 lbs. and you have gained 20 altogether, then you've done really well to only gain 12 yourself. That should be really easy to get off. I gained 25, which I thought was a really small amount and Jaida was only 5 of that, so the rest was because I ate whatever and whenever.

I kind of feel the same as you that there is really nothing interesting in our lives to blog about, so I guess that is why Jaida's blog always has new pictures and ours is so lame. I quite enjoy your postings on both blogs and am really exicted to see pictures of baby girl Corley. =)

MOM said...

What a NICE pic of father and son. Linda McCurdy was in here last night viewing the Corley family and I must agree with her...Zac is a very nice looking young man. And I am thankful for his godd thinking mind...not just his pleasing physical appearance!

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