Nov 27, 2007

Four Weeks

Trin has started smiling ... and YES they are real smiles.
I'm not sure how much she weighs but she's definitely gaining. She rolled from her back to her side the other day and she is awake more during the day.


kate said...

what a sweet precious smile!
and what a lovely shade of pink afghan to complement that smile!

she already looks chubbier -- how does that happen so fast?!!

The Toplov Trio said...

I like the second picture; the way she has her mouth shaped almost like an "O." Really darling.

chajaro said...

Hola alyssa, escribo aqui por que zac no checa su correo ni su blog y quiero que sepa que si estoy pendiente de lo que hace el y su familia jajaja.
Me da mucho gusto la gran familia que han formado y aprovecho para felicitarlos por la llegada de la nueva miembro de la familia trin y que Dios se las cuide mucho al igual que a brad.
es increible lo rapido que ha crecido trin pero era de esperarse pues creo que esta en los genes jajaja.

MOM said...

Your kids are such cuties!!

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