Nov 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I really didn't take any pictures at Thanksgiving...I kept forgetting! But, Zac and I did have his father take a couple of us together since it seems like that doesn't happen very often. Friday we went and got our tree and Brady had a blast helping his daddy cut it down.
By the time we got home though Zac and I were too tired to decorate it. So far there's only lights on it....we'll have to do it on Sunday since Zac is at work all day today. It was so much fun though this year having both babies and seeing the joy in Brady's face.


kate said...

what a perfect beautiful day for tree-finding!
brady looks mischevious in that first one -- what a fun family activity.
everyone looks so cozy and fall-like and sunny.
i love these pictures.

and i love you! it was so good to see you, however brief the seeing.

aubrey payne said...

indeed most excellent and fall-lile...can't wait to see 6 days!!!

The Toplov Trio said...

Your yard is beautiful and the pictures of you and Zac turned out very nice among the leaves. I can't remember the last time I had someone take of picture of just Zhenya and I, probably August.

I wanted to mention that your eyes look stunning with your beanie on. They just POP out.

Your sure on the ball getting a Christmas tree all ready. I haven't even thought about decorations, much less a tree. Be sure to post pictures.

JLW said...

I still want to see that dress that your friend bought for Trinity! :) We need some new pictures of the tiny one because they grow so fast!

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