Dec 26, 2007

Baby Girl Some More

Here is me and Trin on Christmas...I had to put it in sepia because the original pictures we looked kind of like ghosts.
And oh my gosh, did you ever see such a cute baby?!!!! I'm just absolutely in love with her. These little green velvet overalls were given to her by her Grammy, and the shirt is from Ashley. SOOO cute together. Trinity has been pretty cranky the last couple of days and I'm thinking that my milk supply is kind of low. So, tomorrow I'm gonna be sticking in some extra snacks and such to see if we can boost these bad boys up again. Poor little girl...mommy's starvin' her to death.

This was tonight after her bath. I informed Zac that we already had taken TONS of bath pictures of Brady by the time he was 8 weeks and Trin...well, this is her first.

Playing on her towel.


MOM said...

Are her eyes blue? She is adorable, I can see why you are in love with her.

Grammy said...

Bad boys?????!!!! I would think they would be girls, like Oprah calls them! Ha! Ha!

And, yes, you are absolutely right!! She is the most adorable thing! I have said it over and over and I will continue to say it, NO ONE, I mean, NO ONE has grandbabies as cute as ours! I know each and every other grandparent thinks that about their grandkids, but that's because they haven't seen ours!

I think she definitely has the Robert's look about her. SO adorable!

Lindsay said...

She is absolutely precious! I Love those pictures of you & her! I can definitely see why you are in love.

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