Dec 11, 2007

Corley Update

Here's a little update on what's going on with all of us. I guess I'll start with Trinity since she's featured in each of the pictures (funny I didn't really have one without her!) She weighed 10 lbs last week and has grown 3 inches since birth. That's 3 lbs gained and 3 inches grown in 6 weeks....getting to be a big girl. All of her 0-3 month stuff finally fits, for awhile she was in preemie stuff. She's much more alert during the day, follows us with her eyes and she coos whenever Zac talks to her....with me she just wants to eat. :(
I'm pretty tired but getting adjusted to life. I started working out again and have really been enjoying it. I've been doing Tae Bo and then today we went with the jogging stroller and we walked and then ran, walked and then was a lot of fun. Got home and had fish and veggies. I'm feelin' healthy this pm. My Bible study that I've been involved in is done until January sometime. I'm going to miss that accoutability and fellowship for the next few weeks.
Brayden is kind of going through a rough patch to be quite honest. We're working on potty training but it seems every time I start something comes up. I think he has a food allergy so I've been writing down what he eats and then what happens and lets just say I'm seeing a link to corn. Anytime we have corn tortillas or chips or popcorn his belly is messed up for a few days. So, along with a VERY messed up belly he also isn't sleeping very well. He wakes up every morning at 5 am and has been before Trinity was born. The last few days he's been waking up at 4!!!! So, today we are trying our best to reset his little internal time clock. We are going to keep awake a little longer today and then we put cardboard in his windows to keep out all light in the morning. I would like to get blackout curtains for his room but they are quite pricey. Please pray for us in the whole area of sleep and patience...they seem to be linked. :)

Zac is still enjoying his EMT class and has a test on Friday. His leg is feeling better (we had a MRI done on his knee a few weeks ago. ) Thank the Lord it was only a bad sprain and not something torn. He's already torn both of his ACL's so we were pretty concerned. Oh, he's been working out like a maniac and is lookin' good. :) He got a hair cut today and Brady keeps looking at him and smiling like "hey you, what's so different?"


JLW said...

Corn is one of the top allergenic foods. Along with Berries, Wheat, and Dairy. Sorry to hear about that, write me anytime, I know JUST how you feel! :)

kate said...

that zac IS lookin' good!
i like that picture of him with trinity. she's getting filled out!

The Toplov Trio said...

Trinity looks as big as Brayden. I suppose it's because he's sitting down and she is taking up his lap space. They look very sweet together.

Jonathan & Anne Patton said...

Your little family sounds like such a joy and a challenge! =) Yes, we are going to Mexico for Christmas - Dec. 21 - 28.

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