Dec 18, 2007

Creative Discovery Museum

Yesterday we took Brady to the Creative Discovery Museum downtown Chattanooga. When Trin was born the hospital gave us free passes and we just now used them....2 days before Brady's second birthday. We would have had to pay for him if he was two so it worked out was like a 25 dollar day for free. :) He had an absolute blast because the whole place is "hands on" for kids and they literally can't really get into trouble. They get to touch everything from the pianos to play ovens, play cars, there's a sand bit...a minature waterfall to float little boats down.
The lady in the video was an employee there that kind of followed us around for awhile. It was really neat to see someone with her dissabilities working and enjoying it. She kept staring at me and then I realized she was looking at my wrap and wondering what was in it....when I showed her Trinity sleeping in there she just keep going "awwwww, a baby....awwwwww."
Today has been really good despite my 5 minutes of hysteria this morning.Zac went to work and I'm trying to figure out about this food allergy thing with Brady. I've been on the phone with doctor's offices all morning...and then Brady had an accident on the rug. Don't ask me why I even thought today would be a good day to potty train him even though he has a messed up stomach! Tomorrow he goes to the doctor, I'm a little sad about it since it's his birthday. BUT, I've been praying all morning that I could get in to see a doctor so I know all will work out just fine.
I was really nervous about Christmas this year since it's sooooo different without family and everything. So far it's been a lot of fun. We're just doing EVERYTHING different so that nothing is "normal" and then it's a totally new experience. I'm not even making the same foods so it's actually kind of fun. We got invited to a friends for dinner on Christmas so that should be fun. book is done.

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The Toplov Trio said...

What a great place for kids, especially since most places you have to tell them, "Don't touch, no climbing...."

Happy Birthday to Brayden and perhaps the best present will be figuring out how to get his allergies under control.

Question: does it take you a long time to upload your video clips to YouTube? I have tried it several times and it takes FOREVER to upload a 1 minute clip.

I'll have to keep the sling in mind for our next one. Looks like it is such a handy mode of transportation.

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