Jan 12, 2008

Little Update

Here's my update for everyone that I haven't been writing...sorry I'm not as good of a communicator as what I use to be. I remember in highschool when I lived in the mountains trying to see just how many people I could write before the plane came out...once I sent out 12 long handwritten letters!
Zac had a very busy week. On Monday he had classes from 8 until 4 and then Tuesday he was on a 24 hour shift. He went straight from his shift to a class which didn't end until 4. Then the next day he had another all day class and then Friday was a 24 hour shift. It was a very long week for both of us but we are enjoying today and the Sabbath should be super restful just with church in the morning and nothing planned for the afternoon. We are going to be taking membership classes with New City Fellowship next Friday and Saturday as long as Zac's soccer tournament schedule isn't at the same time. He has been working out like a maniac and eating super healthily...I'm SOOOOOOOO excited.
Me....I've been just fine. I've been cleaning out the house and have come up with 2 big boxes of stuff to take to a thrift store, one bag of clothes to sell, and I dropped some baby stuff at a consignment shop hoping to make a little extra money. I have been reading Jordan Rubin's (author of The Maker's Diet) The Great Physician's RX to Health and Wellness and I've been loving it. He has such an amazing testimony and I love learning about nutrition. I'm ecspecially elated over the fact that he explains in his book the difference between clean and unclean meat and even the origin's of the words. For several years I have not been able to really explain to people why it is that I don't eat pork and some other meats, and then I always get the "Well, we live by the New Testament, it isn't sin to eat those meats." I know that.....it isn't sin but it is still a dirty meat that is not good for the body. Read the book....you'll love it and feel inspired the make your body healthy on the inside and out. Zac is doing it with me and it's so nice that it is a family thing now....instead of an Alyssa thing that I can't really follow through with because I can't be consistent.
Brady is loving life at present. He is potty trained and is even waking up dry in the mornings. He is 29 lbs and I forget how tall. He learns at least a couple of words every day. We had a playdate with his little friend Levi and they had a blast playing "One, two, three....jump!" Or as Brady says "One, Two, NEEEEE, Butts!!" Don't ask me why he interprets "jump" as "butts." It is so halarious though.
Trinity is awake ALLLL the time and is so giggly and sweet. Her cheeks are so soft, and she smells so good....little girls are precious. We go to the doctor on Tuesday so I'll have all her stats.
Okay...the end of this chapter of our lives. Love everyone,

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CorleyAunt said...

I KNEW he was a genius...you see, even at a young age he knows you have to use your "nees" and then your "butts" to jump! Hmmm...maybe he's going to be a doctor?!! Or one awesome athlete!

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