Aug 17, 2008


I found all the things to make this little arrangement right in my own yard...who would have ever thought? I use to be quite creative and I've decided that I'm done with the "use to's." I AM creative and I'm going to start exercising it. Anyways, done with that rant.
I took the kids out to the front and Brady helped me find little bitty pinecones to stick in the jar and then the purple flowery stuff is actually from monkey grass. :) Oh my goodness...when I was taking a pinecone off of a tree it broke a little branch and that oh so wonderful smell of fresh pine just broke loose and went all around me and before I knew it I was barefoot in the woods gathering herbs for my empty basket...the smell of sunshine baking the earth...and then I woke up and realized I should get back in the house with the babies!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I love to do this, too.
its amazing what you can find in the yard that really looks good in a jar!! even in Mex.

loved the apron, too.
sewing is a satisfying

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