Sep 2, 2008


Today I was shown love in a very subtle, sweet way. Zac agreed to watch the kids so I could go to the local thrift store and look for some sweaters for winter. When I got home I was completely exhausted for some it hurt to even move my head. I jumped in the shower (leaving Zac alone longer with the kids) and that helped some. I had to sit down to even comb out my hair, my feet just ached and for some reason I just felt very weepy. Not sad or hurt...just weepy. My love came to my aid and braided my hair...his first attempt. I was so moved by his compassion and his love...being a servant in little small ways all throughout the day in order to cherish me through his kind acts. On top of that he took Brady with him to soccer practice, allowing me to have QT time with Trini.

We giggled some and made a chowder and biscuits for when the fellas get home. Zac will be working or gone for the next 4.5 days out of 5 so it was nice to be able to just rest a little today.

The "hand picture" is of some wood beads that I got at the thrift store for 50 cents. They are very nice quality. My grandma grace sent me 10 dollars for my upcoming birthday and with that I got 2 sweaters, one linen tank top, a long sleeve cotton sleep shirt, a frame, my beads, and a book off of my amazon wishlist. You didn't know 10 bucks could stretch so far did ya?


aubrey payne said...

i luv when 10 dollars stretches that far!!

Toplov Trio said...

I certainly did NOT believe that 10bucks could stretch that far, but you have proved otherwise and now I am eager to see how far I can make the next 10 stretch.

Isn't it great when our husband's go the extra mile to make us feel so loved. Oh, and I have bracelets very much the same as yours!

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