Sep 17, 2008


I was going to take pictures of our fun time at the park this morning but when I went to capture a perfect cuddly moment between Zac and Trin...the camera was dead. Shucks. Therefor, I'll just have to try and capture the moment for you in words. :)

We have a park in Tunnel Hill that is very nice except for the absence of trees. Why would you make a park where children are going to play in the HOT summer without providing a little shade? At least plant some trees if you don't have access to a shady area to build your park in. So, if any of you have time in your near future to build a community play area, PLEASE remember the trees. Plus, without trees the wind basically goes to waste in my thinking because there isn't that lovely "wind through the trees" sounds I'm so fond of. We need leaves for shade from the scorching sun, leaves to crunch under our feet in the cool autumn, and in the winter bare branches to look at, remembering their leaves. :) Good grief.

Anyhoo, today was the first time that Trin actually played on a park, trying to crawl up the stairs and sliding through tunnels, Brady constantly at her side giggling, yelling at the top of his lungs "TRINI! Triiiiiiniiiiityyyy, where are you?!!!" They were both in their fall clothes, little noses red from the cool air. Ah, such a dream. Trin was wearing an outfit someone gave me while I was expecting...I remember dreaming of the time my little girl could fit into it, I would imagine what she would look like, smell like...and then when she was born the little purple dress looked so very big. Then, today, it fit perfectly and I'm sad that soon it will go in the box labeled "for the next baby girl." hopefully there will be a *next* since it is such a huge desire of my heart. I'm grateful though that I've been able to experience having a daughter and a son when for some reason I thought I was going to be a mother to all boys. Why do we get these ideas into our heads? Why in the world would I even think like that? I seriously thought that I could just never have a little girl because I wouldn't understand how to take care of one, and I would hurt her feelings all the time and that I would be a better mother to boys. "My word" as my Granny Toole would say. Silliness indeed to be sure.

We went and got some fresh fruit from a little farmer's stand after the park. Wouldn't that be an interesting life? Every morning leaving you house at the crack of dawn to take yesterday's harvest to some little stand, to set up the fruits and veggies in an attractive display...sitting in your fold out chair watching for cars to come up. And then when one does, being able to visit with the strangers who then become customers, who after eating your peaches one day become familiar I have become. I stopped at this little stand one time and now I go twice a week. You haven't tasted heaven until you've had a ripe Georgia peach.


kate said...

although i'm sure the pictures would have been adorable, i'm glad it gave you the chance to ramble!
that whole 'thousand words' saying is true, but sometimes the words are nice for a change.

guess what? there's something in the mail coming your way!

Grammy said...

You do such a wonderful job capturing those family outings in words from a mother's heart! How I miss those outings with Brady playing with him at that Tunnel Hill City Park! Special memories to be cherished!
Papa C (alias Granddaddy)

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