Oct 30, 2008

Trinity's First Birthday

Trini's birthday was a little odd. Normally I have EVERYTHING in life planned out, and usually for birthday's I have the cake planned, the meal planned two weeks in advance, table decorations...birthday wrap. It's so much fun making things beautiful...and even though SOME would say that that's a bunch of work that isn't really important...I beg to differ. People do enjoy beauty whether it is a plate of food with varying colors, or a piece of art hung on a wall...to a present wrapped with attention to detail.
However, seeing how I was a one eyed, flu filled (sounds nice together) mother, and Zac is an invalid I really just didn't even stress. I DID have what kind of a cake I was going to have planned and I had all the ingredients. During the kid's nap my friend came over and helped me with mixing part of the cake and then after she left I finished up making the frosting and icing the cake. I chose Banana Friendship Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting for my little sweet since she is entirely in love with bananas.
We celebrated after the kid's nap...I think they both were a little in shock that we they woke up and we were singing and going on and on about how Trini is such a big girl and how Brady is a great big brother even though he's sick...so on and so forth.

Zac and I got Trin a baby doll for her birthday present and she is in LOVE with her. She carries the doll around constantly and smiles at her, talks to her and gives her kisses. So adorable...I love the fact that she already is feminine and that she has a natural love for babies. My mom and dad got her the chair that she's sitting in (the *cutting of the cake* picture.) Such a huge blessing for us to finally own one like that where we can just snap the top off and wash it in the sink! Her Great Uncle Greg sent her her first 10 dollar bill...so sweet how they always remember our birthdays.

Zac and I feel such tremendous joy being allowed to love our little girl. I can't believe that she is one...I hope this next year passes slowly. It seems that time just keeps going faster and faster and I just can't keep up with it. My memory of her in my mind is a sweet little 7lb baby with a bow tied to her hair, a hospital room where I could just sleep and sleep, soft skin and a slight smile. I just can't believe my baby is one.


chajaro said...

Que honda mi commmmmpa zac, hola alyssa, brady and trinity, me da mucho gusto saber de uds otra vez.
Zac me da mucha tristeza ver que estan pasando por esas operaciones pero espero en Dios que todo salga bien para ustedes y se repongan rapido yo se que son fuertes y Dios esta con ustedes.
Me case por la iglesia el 6 de junio y ya estoy esperando mi primer hijo que sera hombreeee, futbolista claro, sandra esta muy bien hasta el momento y esperamos la sigueña para el dia ultimo del año o dia primero.
Te extraño mucho budy tengo ganas de verte y conocer a esos angelitos, y ya por ultimo me despido con esto...
Hapy birthday to youuuuuuu, hapy birthday to youuuuuuu, hapy birthday little trinityyyyy, hapy birthday to youuuuuuu... from chihuahua mexico

MOM said...

Looks yummy!!

Zhenya and Danyelle said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Trinity.

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