Nov 8, 2008

Cuddles and Kisses

Time is going by all to quickly...just yesterday we were getting groceries at Wal Mart and I asked Zac "Is that CHRISTMAS music I hear in the background." The Christmas edition of Crest Strips commercial came on last night and I remember it so well from last year...the girl smiling with pearly white teeth with the song "I'll be Home for Christmas" playing...making you believe that all anyone in the world should ever want is the brightest smile ever. I've lost hope on that account since my teeth have always had a nice yellow tint. According to my orthodontist it's because my skin is so fair that my teeth don't "stand out."

This holiday season has already been so much fun...just seeing Brady's reaction to Christmas trees in department stores, hot chocolate in his little blue mug...rolls of Christmas wrap stashed around the house. I'm a little concerned about putting up a tree though since Trinity is the epitome of "scavenger." My little squirrel in all of her mischievous goodness. So cute...she is learning though about "no touches" and has been trying to mimic my words. Since my mom's dog Charlie has been staying with us she has learned to point at him and say "dog." It's so cute and I can't believe that she is already saying seems like Brady didn't really start saying things until he was about 1.5

Brady's new word is "macobee." It's a made up word and I guess it isn't really "new" as he's been saying it now for about 3 months. Anytime he doesn't know the word for something or someone's name he point at the object (or person) and says"macobee mama?" It's really hilarious, especially during commercials. he thinks that Zac and I know every person on tv so sometimes we wind up giving people names. A couple night ago a commercial for Net Zero came on and we told him the man was Bob ... he so intense about it and then one you tell him once what it is it's forever memorized.

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MOM said...

How I hope to add to your wonder!
We love your family.

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