Jan 23, 2009


I forgot how delicious manicotti is...until last night. Yummy, and the nice thing is that there is usually enough for leftovers. Here's the deal, on days where Zac goes to work I wind up eating junk all day long because I don't really cook. Here recently I've been trying to cook more then normal the night before his shift so that I will have meals in the fridge and not just eat what the kids are eating. Peanut butter is great and all that...but sometimes a girl just needs more. :)
I got a lot done today even though you wouldn't really realize it if you stepped into our house. I drove to Ross with the kids and found a couple storage containers for a good price so then when we got home I started unloading drawers in every room, taking stuff off shelves....I'm decluttering AGAIN. Not really decluttering I guess, just organizing. I get so tired of stuff not having a place....like a *labeled* place. I found a gorgeous lampshade at Ross for 4 bucks so that's going towards our *new* room. The only thing I'm slightly sad about in the process of the whole room makeover is I don't think I'm going to repaint. I really want to paint the room green but with trying to put the house on the market in the next couple of months...I'm just not sure how folks around these parts will take it...may be too much for them. :) I know that sounds funny but tis true.
I did take *before* pictures of the spaces I'm cleaning so when it's all done I'll post pictures. The weather was much warmer today so the kids and I got to play a bit outside, I worked out during their nap, got the kitchen cleaned and diapers washed and then we had to haul the recycling to the dump. Once again...you city dwellers have it easy with your little blue containers you get to put by the curb once a week and have someone just come pick it up. I have to drive mine 15 minutes away and sort it all out in the freezing cold. Ha ha, really it's fun because I go on the warmer days and let Brady throw glass bottles into the huge bins...he thinks it's great.

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Grammy said...

Oh yum!! The manicotti looks DELICIOUS! You are SUCH and industrious young woman! And with such beautiful kids! I can hardly wait to know what the new one is (boy or girl)!

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