Jan 8, 2009


Just thought I'd update everyone on my whole pregnancy. So I'm a little over 15 weeks now...feeling a little more "normal." I'm never sick, just tired. I think thought that this tiredness will probably endure until this baby that is inside of me is about 8 months and sleeping through the night...it's just the way of things. :) My belly isn't showing even though I've already gained, gulp, 9 lbs! According my doctor he thinks I look super thin and trim and his words were "listen, if you blow up it'll totally shock me. You have nothing to worry about...really." So, I'll not think about it too much. My pants still fit but in the evenings are snug.

We find out the sex on February 3rd and I'm absolutely DYING to know. Basically because the boy name is figured out but I can't quit obsessing over girl names and I just want to know if I should be obsessing or not. I really think it's a girl...I really wanted a boy so that Brady could have a brother semi close in age. If it were a boy he and Brady would be 3.5 years apart but if we wait until baby number 4 to be a boy they would be over 5 years apart I'm guessing. Brady needs a brother to run around with...he really does. I've loved my boy and my girl though so I don't so far *prefer* one or the other.

I need name ideas from all of you...please write. And I want *different* names...unique and slightly artsy...I like names that have a little nature in them or really cool meanings. I have the boy name picked but so far the girl names are just jumbled up in my head. And please no names that start with "C" for a girl...I have my reasons...that is all you need to know.
Oh....my great thrift store finds today. A pair of timberland shoes for Brady, a pair of socks, a beautiful glass bottle(green), a new apple green Gap onesie, a blue onesie, 2 of my most favorite movies....all for 6 dollars. Oh...isn't that picture of Brady sleeping just the most precious thing? I can't wait for another one. The doctor says the heartbeat is great and that once again "I just don't know how to be pregnant" since I do it so well. :)


Lindsay said...

Oh!! I'm in the SAME place as you! Just one week behind :) I'm almost 14 weeks and I'm HOPEFULLY finding out the sex of our baby tomorrow morning. *cross my fingers*! We are completely locked in on a boys name, and we have ideas for a girls name, but I'm still searching. If we DO have a girl, I'll definitely be needing advise and ideas. I can't wait to find out! It will be so nice to not have to think about it anymore & just KNOW. (If they are correct of course!) I'm always scared that they'll tell me it's a girl but it's a boy.

Cindy said...

I wanted to name one of my girls either Darcy or Darby. For some reason I really like those names but I don't remember what they mean. Now though I think of Pride and Prejudice for Darcy so you might too. So, since you don't want c names you aren't interested in CORDELIA??

Zhenya and Danyelle said...

All I have to say is that I am jealous that after you gaining 9 lbs. you're not showing at all! I wish the same for me. I've gained at least 15 by now and look HUGE!

Oh, my name suggestion for a girl is Aspen, because it's naturelike and does not begin with a 'C.' Take it or leave it. I'll see if I can think of any others.

JLW said...

Okay, I'm the worst comment-er in the world, but I do try to read everything and keep up! For girls, its hard to get something unique/natural-ish I think, plus you always have to take into account the kids you already have and how their names sound together, etc... How about: Lena, Jade, Arbor, Hazel, Lily, Willow, Ginger, Ainsley, Sage, Dahlia, Blair, Meadow, Nevaeh, Mira, Jaya, Aurora....geez, there are actually a lot more naturally baby names now that I think about it. I could go on forever, but I think I'll just stop here and if you want more you can let me know! hah! I don't want to bore you!

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