Mar 9, 2009


Yall guys, I feel like jumping up and down...shouting with glee while clicking my heels....yesterday was 76 degrees! Oh my word, I felt like a totally different person. First off, instead of craving greasy comfort food I craved fruit and more fruit. I felt like being outside ALL day, and even after a full day I was doing dishes and all that jazz at 8 pm and didn't even care that I didn't have my feet propped up. It was glorious. We planned the day to take the kids for a hike, and shame on me....I forgot the camera. We found a great little walking trail in Ringgold called the Elsie Holmes State Park. It's really nice for kids (and pregnant women) because there is one loop that is just like a 1/4 mile that has little boxes along the trail where you can push a button and learn about the tree that are behind the box. Or you can go the long way which is down hill to the river (we did that one last summer) but the way up is quite a hike - I wasn't quite thinking that would be so much fun on the ol' sciatic nerve. Then we went home for lunch and naps and then headed out for ice cream.
If you've ever been to Mr. T's in Tennessee or Georgia then you know it's the most wonderfully inexpensive place to go for ice cream with your kiddos. We got a huge bowl and a cone with two scoops for 3 bucks. They don't charge according to size so no matter how much you's all the same.

Brady LOVES ice crea. Much to my greatest dissapointment, he seems to only like pizza, ice cream, and grilled cheese. he likes strawberries, bananas, grapes and sometimes apples...but really? He needs more variety. Anyways, nothing makes him happier then getting an ice cream cone, which he refers to as "Brady's why scream."

After ice cream we went into Dalton to this wonderful little petting zoo. A millionaire with tons of acreage collects exotic animals and he just lets you drive up to his fence, park your car and pet the animals. He has camels, zebras, emus, some strange minature donkey's, ect. Trin LOVED the animals....she refered to everything as "cow."

Petting her "cow."
I'm looking forward to planting some different flowers and shrubs around our house in the next couple of weeks. We are going to try to make a privacy border on the one side of our house. Normally when we sit at the table all we can look at is our neighbor's messy yard and minivan. I was thinking that if we planted a few bushes that would grow about 5 feet tall it would be cheaper then a fence but would be something prettier to look at in the mornings when I have my coffee. :) Brady may be dissapointed though since he is very interested in what the neighbor's ard doing - at ALL time of day. He notices when their car is gone ecspecially and always thinks they are at Wal Mart...hmmmm, I wonder why that could be? :)
God has been so good to us, slowly bringing me peace of mind everytime I start worrying about "tomorrow." I think that's my greates fault and I find so much happiness in the day when I take everything hour by hour. This isn't natural for me as I like to have this "greater plan" but for maintain sanity...the only option is to trust. I'm hoping to just have a sweet summer full of playing outdoors, grilling and eating fruit salad...splashing the kids in their kiddie pool. And then there will be the sweet arrival of Tristan. Trist is growing and moving....I feel him up against my ribs constantly and when I'm really active it feels like he's all curled up off to one side - painful on the spine but so darn cute to imagine him in the fetal position in my belly. I can't wait to meet our next little man. I'm so glad to be carrying another life...another heir in God's family. My prayer for Tristan is that he would know His creator, that he would be confident...that he would live life to the fullest bringing God pleasure, making himself a sacrifice. Gosh, that's my prayer for myself! bring God pleasure.

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