Apr 20, 2009

Easter with Cousins :)

We're super excited that the kids (and us!) were able to finally meet Josh and Rachel's children. Last time we were together as families Brady was about 4 0r 5 months and Kaylee was 7 months...Ethan 2 years old...and Trin and CJ weren't even in the picture yet.
Notice Brady's bare chest...we caught him picking off his buttons during worship at church.

Eating delicious angel food cake with strawberries....yummmm.


The Toplovs said...

Glad you were able to get together with Josh and family. Looks like the cousins had a blast together. I LOVE the mini picnic table; is that yours?

micahandlesleybloggers said...

i have the cutest little nephews and nieces ever

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