Apr 6, 2009


Tomorrow I HAVE to get a picture taken of my 28 week belly. I just keep forgetting...and then when I remember I'm in my pajamas. I have nothing against pajamas except that I don't want my kids to think that's all I ever wore when they were little. :)
Today it was only a high of 48 degrees. Brrrrrr.....so much for donning summer clothes. I'm having a hard time with this because I only have one pair of maternity blue jeans and they look gross....just baggy and they have some stains...I've had them since being preggers with Brady.
I went to CVS today and tried to snag some deals but I came away with a confused head instead of a victorious "lift" to my day. One problem was the WHOLE family went so I couldn't concentrate very well...next time I'll be alone. I did get some pretty nail polish though and some shaving cream for free so that turned out well. THe dumb thing is that I actually got everything free because I used my free gift card but I just feel like the $ could have been spent in a better way. My plan is to stock us up on essentials and then start taking a bunch of stuff to our church once a month. We have a box there for the needy and once a month we are suppose to stock it and I have (gulp) never contributed! So sad. Our church is very involved with the inner city - I love the fact that we can be a part of that. AND...if you shop smart you can give items that are normally very expensive and they only cost you cents. Super nice for these hard times where it's getting more difficult to "give without ceasing."

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MOM said...

It is amazing just how huge of a blessing the few things each one of us give can be to a person in need. God blesses the cheerful giver! You won't go wrong by giving what you can.

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