May 23, 2009

Update On Baby Number Three

Yes....I understand that being a post on my "pregnancy progression" I should have included a photo of the ol' belly....not just my face. I tried several times to set my camera on timer in all different places....from the trees, the front porch...the table....all of them were at the wrong angle. So sorry dear reader, you'll just have to content yourself by seeing my lovely face and use your imagination to figure out what an extra 26 lbs dispersed throughout my body looks like (the majority of the "poundage" being in my belly.)
I almost passed out twice during my glucose test - like almost hit the floor. The doctor says things are going very well. As far as I'm concerned, as much as I do love the *knowledge* that there is a miracle taking place in my body, I'm beginning to just feel the to speak. I feel very heavy and uncomfortable and I have pain in areas I hadn't had with the other two. My doctor says that with every baby it gets worse because you pelvic wall separates a little with each baby you so have more pressure and sharp pains. I do love feeling his little feet kick me in the sides...not so much in the lungs.
Tonight I'm waiting for Zac to come home from coaching an all day soccer tournament. I made some chicken and Rice a Roni (I've never made it before but I need a break...I've decided that opening a box in a time of tiredness is a very good thing) and I also made a cold cheesecake for dessert. Looking forward to food and rest tonight after the littles are tucked in. :)

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The Toplovs said...

I've never had Rice A Roni, but I'm definitely all about making simpler meals to save time. Doesn't sound like you were saving time on making a delicious cheesecake. I'm so craving that right now.

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