Jun 19, 2009


Oh dear...the things you tell your kids that you're going to and then you can't take back. Zac, in all his niceness, volunteered to make Smores for our kids yesterday. He told them at lunchtime before their naps.....forgetting that it would be the hottest day of the year so far...a heat index of 100 and super humid.

The kids tried to nap but it just wasn't happening. Brady's room doesn't have air conditioning so even with the fan in there he just couldn't get comfy. So, we got them up and took off to the grocery store in search of marshmallows and all the other good stuff one would need to create the super gooey delicious layers.

Discovering the chocolate layer...her most favorite part....mommy's too. :)

Brady super happy because not only did he get to roast his own marshmallow, he also got to assist dad making the fire.

Oh...newsflash. I went to the doctor and I'm not dialated at ALL. Stick a knife in my heart why don't ya?!!!! I was so hoping for even just 2 cm...anything that would say "Alyssa, this baby will eventually come out of your body and you can start living life in a new normal." Normal - being able to walk without pain. Being able to lay down without pain...being able to go longer then 20 minutes without peeing....being able to have the width of my stomach be LESS then Zac's. And speaking of Zac....he has lost around 7 lbs and is enjoying working out at the gym immensly. He's been eating very healthy...even last night he had only one smore. At 9 pm when I was munching on popcorn and fruit....he did not snack. He's been eating lots of chicken and salads, lots of fruit and yogurt and he's feeling quite a bit better


kate fried said...

i'm totally digging brady's hair these days.
sorry you're not dilated :-(
but a lot can happen in a week!!

Grammy said...

Me, too; I'm sorry about the dialation. Hang in there!

Good on Zac! I'm proud of him!

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