Jun 15, 2009


Thanks to Grammy for the adorable little shirt....totally cute on my little fairy. What's even cuter is that it matches the "theme" I've come up with for Trin's room. Anything antique/vintage ....girly but not frilly...I just love. So feminine and soft but not "busy." Zac found Trin a baby cradle at the antique mall the other day for 5 bucks! I was so happy because I ALMOST bought her one at Target and thought twice about spending the money...but really wanted to. The next week Zac comes home with the treasure and I was ecstatic and thanking God that I just waited when I didn't feel the "go ahead" signal in my brain at the store.
As soon as we have some of the planted and mulched "goodies" in the front yard I'll show everyone Zac's handiwork in our front yard. He's been mowing and trimming constantly and he painted the front steps of our house...so much nicer now then the old red chipped paint that WAS there.


JLW said...

I know, I'm so obsessed with vintage too!!! I've been dying to go to the antique stores around here since I'm in the market for some things for the living room, but I just haven't found the time yet. You guys probably have much more to choose from though, when it comes to antiques - let's just say I'm slightly jealous! :)

P.s. I can't believe you are having a baby so sooon!!!

Cindy said...

enjoy dressing her while you can..
already autumn at 11 has very strong opinions about what she wears. sad to say her opinion and mine aren't the same :)

Grammy said...

How adorable!!! I'm so glad you love it! It does look just adorable on the most adorable baby girl ever!

Could you do me the favor of measuring how wide and how long that one is? I want to make sure I get the right length and width on the dress I'm working on now.

kate fried said...

love the pigtails!!!

MOM said...

Oh, that is adorable and I think vintage is a definite go. I love.
I am hoping to see you very soon. It was fun to get away but I really miss you. Maybe something will work out for both of us.

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