Jul 21, 2009

Baby Tristan now weighs 10lbs 9oz! That a two pound weight gain in two weeks....supposedly I have "super milk." Things here are going swell. The last couple of times Zac has gone to work I've had very enjoyable days with the kiddos. We made cookies, played hide and seek, did a craft or two...I let Brady and Trin jump on my bed while listening to praise music...good times.

Zac has been busy getting his soccer scheduling underway with his new team for the fall. I'm excited about the season starting for two reasons :

1. Normalcy (kind of)

2. The paycheck (this is the REAL reason I'm excited.)

Our little car needs new tires. Supposedly all of them are completely worn down to a dangerous level and could blow out at any moment. HOWEVER, even though this makes us want to rush right out and get all new tires we are trying to remain faithful to our "no credit card" rule and so we are really just using our van for now and Zac is only driving his car to and from work until next week when we can hopefully get some wheels. :) Currently (at 10:01 pm) Zac is in the bathroom repairing our shower. We have had the "new" plastic walls in our shed now for about two months and he chose this afternoon as the time he would try to tackle this huge task. Not really "huge" but it feels huge when you have a half dead drill, an old pair of scissors and no where to cut plywood. He's doing a great job though and all the moldy nastiness will finally be gone...pictures to soon follow.


MOM said...

The pictures of Tristan and you are adorable. He is growing so fast.

The Toplovs said...

Way to stick to your "no credit" rule. God will provide and reward faithfulness.

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