Jul 3, 2009

Birth Story

So, here I shall write a VERY condensed version of my birth story...since at this moment my brain seems to NOT be functioning very well. I was scheduled to go in on Monday morning at 8 am to be induced. At 3:30 am I woke up with terrible cramps and was awake until Zac came to pick me up at 7:30 (he had been at work the night before.) By the time we got to the doctor's office I had been having contractions 6 minutes apart and was dialated to 3 cm (maybe more but the nurse didn't want to "push" too hard for fear of breaking my water.) My doctor was stuck in surgery so as the medical field would have it...they TIMED everything with their various deviced (patossim sp?) and all that jazz. Everytime I would ask when the doctor was coming they would tell me he was still in surgery and to make a long story short...when he got to my room at 3 pm I was exhausted, he broke my water and the baby was born after 5 good pushes. THe doctor said he would have been born at around 11 am...had he been there. So, I'm thankful that I got to feel a little bit of natural labor and I was a little dissapointed when going through labor knowing that it was being timed. :(

However, when the baby came out all was well. Tristan had the cord wrapped around his neck and was blue but it was unwrapped quickly and he regained his color immediately. He is SUCH a sweet baby - I love the way he smells and I love holding him at night when everything is quiet.

Kate drove down to help with the other kiddos and it has been so nice! I can't believe she offered to spend that much time here and to drive the 10 hours....Zac and I feel very loved. God has made the weather so very nice these last two days too so I don't feel quite as guilty about her running around after the kids. :)

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