Jul 16, 2009

Family Outing

The last couple of days have been full of "good times." Zac and I decided that what Brady needed was just some normal fun filled family days where we stay close to home but also go out and do a few inexpensive fun things. Also, we finally feel ready to say "hello world, we are a family of five now and we can handle it." :) I think we were both a little scared of going out just because it is different. Now that we HAVE gone on a few walks and into a couple stores I don't really know why we were worried. Sillyness.
Our zoo has dollar Wednesdays so it only costs 3 bucks to get the whole family in. I think Chattanooga has the smallest zoo I've ever been too but it's really perfect for kids. Not a lot of people and you can be in and out in a hour or so...depending on your personality type I guess. The kids love the carousel even though Trin gets a little scared....meaning Zac gets to ride too.

Beautiful flowers everywhere - I love the fact I have a little girl that runs up to flowers and says "pretty." Isn't she just precious?!

Tristan took the whole zoo experience in stride....just sleeping away in his little pouch. It's so funny to me how many people would look at me and then my sling....take a double take and them come up to me and say "is there a baby in there?!" Then "ooohs" and "ahhhhhs" always follow and I feel my chest swell with pride....or incoming milk - take your pick.

The little dudes loved the monkeys...I wonder why?


kate fried said...

what?! you guys didn't stay frozen in place on the porch where i last saw you, ready to come back to life at my next visit? you mean life's going on like normal and i'm missing it?!!!

spending all day long, several days in a row with you made me feel so much a part of your family and it's shocking that you should just carry on with your lives and go to the zoo and take pictures (which are really good by the way - the tristan-in-the-sling one is great with the shadows...)
i guess that's just the way the cookie crumbles.
and i guess we'll have to not let too much time pass before our next visit.
miss you!

The Toplovs said...

What's with the States having the most inexpensive, run things to do!!! I can't even go to a silly little indoor playdate without paying $5 and your whole family gets into a zoo (be it small) for $3. Well, I'm happy for you cause I know doing family actitivies can be expensive at times. Great picture of you and Trin!

MOM said...

All of your children are precious...Trinity is darling! I love her curls as much as I love Brayden's beautiful blue eyes.

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