Jul 25, 2009

Saturday Fun

Today has been wonderful. I feel like my normal mothering self....I've been able to accomplish what I use to be able to do with just the two kids. Tristan was awake almost all night last night and then Trin woke up at 5:30 am! This sounds really bad but in a way it has worked out well because then she went back to sleep at 7:30 and slept until 9:15 am - allowing me to have QT time with Brayden. He and I washed dishes together and then he "dusted" while I nursed Tristy. We moved some stuff into the shed and then had breakfast together...just me and my two boys. :)

Isn't this a great smile? I took it while we were doing dishes...nothing like lavender scented warm water and a pile of dishes to lift the spirit. I love seeing them come clean and Brady loved getting to play in the water with Mama.

After Trin woke up we baked an applesauce cake and then while it was in the oven I sent the kids to play in Brady's room. THis is where I found them...I wonder what they were thinking about?

Trini loves being little mama. She brings me the wipes for Tristan and is constantly aware of where his passy is...a little too aware. Anytime the baby even makes a peep both kids come running and yelling "Baby Tristan!"

Oh...we washed diapers and hung them out to dry. I've been using my Bum Genius ones on Tristan and so far no leaks at all...less then the disposable ones. I'm super happy about this because I had mixed reviews from people about cloth diapers on newborns. Trin was a few months old when I started using them with her so I wasn't sure how they would do. So far I'm impressed.

Mmmmm...tasting the cake after lunch. Delicious. I haven't had mine yet...I think after posting this it will be my "prop up the ol' feet" time and I'll just dig right in to a slice myself. I have some rolls rising for sandwhichs tomorrow and I still need to make my chicken pasta salad for lunch after church. The kids are napping though so it's break time - plus Trist needs some bonding.:)


MOM said...

By the looks of your pics you have had a busy Saturday. I have too, but no as fun of one as you. Yet, I am pleased and doing the 'prop the old feet up' thing now after packing almost none stop all day. I hope to take tomorrow off. And the house is looking safe now for when you come with the kiddos. YIPPEE!! Dad and I are going to watch the movie TAKEN to relax to!!! How 'bout that?

The Toplovs said...

Back at the gym already....impressive. I gave myself 3 months leeway(sp?) after Ezra, but now I am back to home workouts.

Yes, you must have super milk indeed. Tristan is darn cute.

kate fried said...

so glad things are getting back to normal happiness - MISS you!! and the kids!!!

Matt, Laura, Haley and Baby said...

Hey! I was just thinking how crazy it is that when I bookmarked your blog on mine, I labeled it "Zac, Alyssa and Brayden" and now!!! Two more beautiful babies - you're a good mom, I can tell.

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